Sunday, July 29, 2007

Johny's Steamboat


It has been raining on and off these days, which made me think of steamboat. We susually had Johny's Thai steamboat as it is really near and I love the sauce. Looking at these archive pictures of steamboat makes me wish that I could have some at this moment.


The sauce is what makes everything taste wonderful. Mix some of the sauce into the broth for a very tasty sour and spicy soup.


Since I am a small eater, we usually order steamboat set for one person and some other steamboat ingredients to cook in the broth. This prawn ravioli is one of my favourite.



I have never tried their tomyam soup based steamboat because I think that they are too spicy.

The servings are kinda small in this place so its not going to fill up a bug eater.

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