Thursday, October 25, 2007

Restoran Yum Yum @ Ipoh

front door

Every now and then when MommyC and her daughters (me and BlurSis) drop by Ipoh, we would go to this place for lunch. The wooden double door opens into a dining restaurant of Chinese origin that is heavily influenced by Thai taste buds. The upper storey of the building is designed to resemble Thai architecture.

mango kerabu

We ordered this mango kerabu as appetizer. The crispy dried squid on top offers pungency and texture to this kerabu, that counter balances the sour mango.


Since it was lunch time, we ordered a few dishes to go with rice. This is plum sauce tofu. Cubes of crispy fried tofu drizzled with plum sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

sambal petai

An appetizing dish of petai and prawn sambal, with additional brinjals.

chicken onion

Crispy chicken in sauce made of garlic, spring onions and chillies. The scent of garlic and onions is dominant in this dish.

basil fish

Easily the best dish on the table, this basil fish fillet is refreshing, and the absence of fishy smell is a plus point.


Complimentary dessert of sliced watermelons.


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