Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Use Silicone Shaper to Fry Stuffs

This is another fun discovery from Daiso. Heart shaped silicone mould. Perfect for special occasions. Good for frying eggs, pancakes and whatever else that is liquid enough to pour into the shape. For testing purpose, I whipped up some pancake batter with white chocolate chips.

Firstly, heat butter in pan. If non-stick, maybe no need to oil.

Put in the mould when the pan is sufficiently hot to fry stuffs.

Add in batter in a swift motion, and at the same time try not to overload until it spill from the sides.

Give it a minute to set. Test by flipping the sides a little.

When it is set, lift up the mould, flip and fry food as normal.

Plate and garnish, like this wholewheat pancakes.

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